Hi, I’m Janae Carlee, a seasoned full-stack designer, published author, spoken word artist, YouTuber, and lover of Jesus.

I started writing at the age of six.

Around twelve, I stumbled upon graphic design.

I discovered my voice in the process after surrendering to God.

Through obedience, I birthed Naked and Exposed® from an unexpected plot twist in 2017.

In a moment of surrender, I veered from pursuing a dream role as creative director for ESPN, choosing instead to walk uncharted territory by faith, one decision at a time. 

Naked and Exposed® is a transformative movement where we embrace vulnerability and live unashamed, inspired by Hebrews 4:13—And no creature is hidden from his sight. Still, all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

In 2024, I started to desire reinvention.

A reinvention is not a starting over; it's a continuation, a fresh start from the place called TODAY. After intentional reflections, I am transitioning this Naked and Exposed® publication and podcast to For the One Like Me™ starting with my weekly writings.

For the One Like Me is a publication, podcast, and community inspiring us to grow in life, faith, and business.

Please think of me as your accountability partner. Together, we dive deep into dialogues from lifestyle, business, and everything in between curated to encourage, challenge, and hold each other accountable. Through this publication and podcast, anticipate a journey to:

  • Embrace complete well-being

  • View life through God's perspective

  • Reflect and document your experiences

  • Discover your unique path of faith

  • Let go, trust the process, and keep going

  • Balance your career with crafting a powerful personal brand

  • Leverage technology for growth

  • Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Stay accountable and focused on your goals

  • Curate an authentic brand

I bear my scars openly, sharing them with you each week, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey. The podcast will be released at a future time. You can listen to my Naked and Exposed® podcast in the meantime.

I write for you, the one like me.

In 2018, I published my first book, It Hurts to Heal, a journey of healing and self-discovery through poetry.

Healing hurts! Inside these pages, you'll find short, personal reflections and conversations with the One who makes us whole—God.

But Healing Does Come.

After committing to the process, I wrote through the becoming. I learned about God as Father and a friend, leading me to become a new creation in Christ. What happens when you start to look like a whole new person?

The heart is fragile.

We need gentle reminders of how to remain.

I published But Healing Does Come in 2021.

Both books, It Hurts to Heal and But Healing Does Come, are used simultaneously. They are reminders to embrace the process, submit to the pruning, build community, and celebrate who we are becoming by giving our best daily.

If you would like the ebook version, please click here.

Through writing, I learned to surrender and hear God’s voice.

I am writing my latest book, an anthology of all the lessons learned on my journey of obedience.

I am passionate about writing; I created my own collection of journals to encourage accountability in journaling.

The hardback printed keep going journals have a beautifully designed cover, lay-flat gold spiral, over 300 lined cream-colored pages, and an intentionally written poem that is included to inspire you to keep going and moving forward. These journals are perfect for documenting your thoughts, prayers, and visions, and I highly recommend dating and timestamping everything to keep track of important milestones. Choose between four colors.

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With love and authenticity,

Janae Carlee

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For the One Like Me is a publication, podcast, and community inspiring us to grow in life, faith, and business. Together, we dive deep into dialogues curated to encourage, challenge, and hold each other accountable.


Janae is a seasoned full-stack designer, published author, spoken word artist, lover of Jesus, and your accountability partner inspiring you to grow in life, faith, and business.